Swedana Body Scrub and Steam Bath

Purify your body for brighter, smoother and softer skin

What is it?

It stimulates the natural renewal process of the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) and gives a smoother, tighter and more radiant appearance to your skin. Spa Chez Vous prepares a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, salt and drops of organic lemon essential oil directly during the session: you will rediscover the pleasure of a smooth and soft skin. This will be followed by Swedana, a steam bath that we will carry out with the aim of eliminating toxins through sweat. It is achieved by placing a special cover directly on the bed and releasing the steam at a temperature equal to or higher than 30 ° / 40 °.

How does the home delivery or hotel / B&B service work?

Choose the professional who works in your area. After booking the swedana body scrub and steam bath, our specialist will come to your home or the facility of your choice and deliver the service following all the prevention measures outlined in Anti Covid-19 Security Policy.


The cost of the service depends on the duration and where it is carried out:

50 minutes 80 € 100 €
90 minutes
(with additional massage)
150 € 180 €

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