Safety procedures and rules of conduct: guidelines

To ensure the safety of our customers, we have modified some services. We are sure that with your collaboration we will be able to carry out all health and wellness services without any waiver.

For this reason, in order to carry out any service we will follow these small, but fundamental rules together:

  • Before starting the service, at home or in the facility, our staff will check that there are no symptoms referable to a contagious disease or that there are no quarantine obligations;
  • You will be asked to sign a self-certification form and to read our information on access to services;
  • Always wear a face mask;
  • Disinfect your hands often;
  • The environments will be sanitized before and after the use;
  • Respect the appointment times;
  • The tools will be sanitized during the sessions, before and after the use.

Spa Chez Vous uses all the *PPE* equipment for ensuring safety and hygiene while respecting one’s own health and the health of the customers.