In these last days of a magical July in Puglia, I try to assimilate all the possible silence. I try to capture the energy of the mistral, I enjoy walking in the countries of the Itria Valley and on the Ionian coast barefoot. These are the last days of apparent calm before the storm of August.

“You have to love tourists”, the old Giarone said. Yes, it’s true, you have to tell them stories. Take them by the hand. Infuse them warmth. Let them forget the world of appointments, meetings, thoughts, smog and routine. Slow down their mad race and their continuous search for the ideal of a happy life thanks to an apulian style wellness experience signed Spa Chez Vous, a massage, a facial ritual, a relaxing break in the comfort of their holiday accommodation, the trullo or the masseria, chosen to live totally their apulian experience.

Thank you for allowing us to do this job. Thank you for this exciting and stimulating possibility. We have the opportunity everyday to love guests, with the hope that the good intention is also followed by a good deed. The advantage is however immediate: we can live better by loving our guests and our employees.

Happy holidays


pozzo fornello

Pozzo Fornello, Martina Franca

pozzo fornello2

Pozzo Fornello, Martina Franca


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