People feel more and more the need to restore their wellness, regain psychophysical balance and take some time for their body and spirit.

These needs, clear signs of the present frenetic rhythm, have contributed to decree the success of the spa phenomenon: ideal places to get lost for a few days, to rediscover youself and the ‘lost’ harmony.

A service business outlining today a competitive and large market.

The customers of spas are today mostly women, about 60%. But also men, from simple guides, are becoming real customers. They prefer massages and relaxing treatments, appreciate quality and are more inclined to purchase products. Other growing targets are senior people, businessmen and families. The majority of the customers is Italian (about 75%) and mainly distributed in the age 40-60, followed by the 26-40 range. In addition, it is generally shown a concentration of 2-3 days stay in accommodation structures.

What would customers look for wellness services?

They search emotions, rewarding experiences. Wellness is no longer perceived as a pamper but also as a necessity to keep healthy and fit.

On the other hand, the search for simplicity of products and treatments led spas and the global wellness market to be more specialised and demanding.

The customer satisfaction is the effect of a positive assessment of the whole chain of wellness: from the relationship with operators to the services offered, from the features of accommodations, up to the quality of the furniture and machinery.