“You see a landscape in Puglia, suspended between sky and sea with its markings, its bright green spots, the flickering silver of the olive trees, and immediately you discover that Nature is a living and astounding art.” In this ideal canvas designed by Mother Nature is Casa MJ, a project of the architect Luca Zanaroli.

Mrs. Monica, the lady of the house MJ, had discovered Spa Chez Vous thanks to one of our social network. She contacted us because she was interested in a possible collaboration between our company and her villa. We made an appointment and after a few days, I went to Polignano a Mare. Her energetic smile, her kindness and elegance immediately conquered me.

The beauty was everywhere, every corner had a story to tell and all had a new and unique point of view.

The enthusiasm of Mrs. Monica as she told me what had been the reasons that had led her and her husband to buy the villa completely impressed me, like everything around me.

The black pool, the unique furnishings, the exposed stones create a fresh and refined atmosphere. Moreover, the beautiful trullo, out of the classic cliché of the Apulian style, represents a new way of conceiving our loved Puglia.

In this unique and evocative setting the wellness experience signed Spa Chez Vous was the perfect conclusion of the holiday in the House MJ where art, modernity and tradition coexist.

See you soon


N.B. The villa has entered in the international villa rental company The Thinking Traveller.


Photo: Architect Luca Zanaroli


Photo: Architect Luca Zanaroli