A massage is a wellness experience of  “Authentic Happiness”. The massage is not an experience limited to the body, but it also involves all the deepest parts of our being. A well performed massage exceeds the sensations of the body, it reaches the psyche much more than simple words. The massage always “communicates” something.

The first time we get a massage, it’s difficult to abandon our defenses and to entrust the responsibility of our body to another person. A feeling that maybe we tried when we were babies and totally dependent on our parents.

When we receive a massage, we are forced to stay with ourselves, away from the stress and everyday  worries. The massage is a very intimate pleasure dedicated exclusively to ourselves!

Moreover, the massage stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system, as well as it relaxes the muscles, accelerates the skin peeling process, stimulates the sebum and sweat production, thus improving the toxin elimination. The massage increases the temperature of the treated area and this “thermal” reaction improves the assimilation of nutrients, as well as the tone and elasticity of muscles.

You just have to try a Spa Chez Vous massage!