Yoga is a Hindu’s austere and spiritual discipline, which include controlled breathing, meditation, and the posture or post that is made for the body and is popularly practiced for relaxation and health.

Posture or post is called “asana” also mean “seat”. From the beginning there was only one asana and that is a comfortable sitting position for a lengthy period of time for meditation.

Yoga is not just for stretching and body toning, the poses also open the “nadis” or energy channels and “chakra” or the psychic center of the human body. Yoga will improve your flexibility and lessen the stress. Doing this regularly can help you have a better sleep, sustain your ideal weight a back pain relief if you have and have focus on your life.

This is all great is you are an adult, but for a toddler it’s a great way to maintain flexibilty while yours still agile and a time to bond with Mum or Dad. For Mum and Dad it’s a great time to do the same while keeping the little one distracted. Try some of the moves below with your toddler and let us know how you get on.