Not only total immersion in nature and sea on the horizon, not only oil, local wine and organic products, not only tradition and authenticity but also charme, spas and even golf courses.

Tourists who spend their holidays in Puglia frequently choose Masserie ( ancient stone farmhouses) for their stay. Travellers like this clever mix between rural and luxurious reality more and more so that Puglia is becoming one of the favorite travel destinations.  

The age-old olive trees caressed by a light breeze, the wheatfields dotted with red poppies, yellow daisies and purple dandelion flowers make the Apulian countryside a breathtaking scenery, even at first sight.

Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, offers many opportunities of accommodation, but the most fascinating way to spend a relaxing time is to stay in a “masseria”.

Beautiful rural dwellings, once far from the city centre, are now situated just a few minutes away from the centre offering everything that modern life requires.

You only have to enter the farmyards, where the corn was threshed in the past, to sink suddenly into a distant dimension and rediscover lost sensations, from intense fragrance of the land  to a clear and blue sky, that people have forgotten in the city by now!

It’s not sufficient to say “masseria”, because these restructured houses can be of different types: from the strictly rural home, often restructured in order to respect the materials and structures typical of the past, up to the watch tower turned into a beautiful luxury accommodation often equipped  with a spa and a pool surrounded by nature.

You’ll just have to book your holiday in a Masseria!