In recent years, the wellness industry is spreading rapidly in many areas. It is no longer limited to spas, but mainly in hotels, gyms, residences, camping, etc. Unfortunately, the market is so large that those who decide to invest in wellness could run the risk of failing.

Therefore it’s important the advice of professionals in the wellness industry.

For some time now, Spa Chez Vous cooperates with  Studio Dinamico, an architecture studio in Dubai specializing in wellness project and leader thanks to the many consents received both nationally and internationally.

For Spa Chez Vous this collaboration with Studio Dinamico Dynamic Studio represents the evolution of the concept of wellness

Our guidelines are:

• Quality: of the technologies, services and materials we offer

• Flexibility: ability to adapt to different situations being able to customize the service / technology

• Reliability: compliance with agreements

• Creativity: in order to offer unique, special and customized designs

• Innovation: research to develop solutions that are both new, efficient and advanced, and easy-to-manage and cost savings.

These are the key elements allowing us to provide a global consulting service and above all quality in the design and implementation of a wellness project.

We promote the exclusivity of the Made in Italy in the Wellness industry, thanks to a high specialized staff being able to plan and implement any type of wellness project.