Finally, our dream came true … but there is still much to do!

Welcome to the world of Spa Chez Vous.

“It’ll have to be the new concept of wellness experience”, I repeated to those  who would have to help me make my project a reality.

I had a clear business idea in mind: I wanted to create a wellness service for accomodations which don’t have a spa or a relaxing area. My work experience as Spa Consultant gave me the opportunity to analyse the market and discover a gap in the tourist offer of some accomodations in Puglia. Many of them cannot have a wellness area due to logistical or economic reasons, so that Spa Chez Vous could represent  their best solution.

It was not very easy to realize my idea but in the end I succedeed. I chased this idea everyday rolling up my sleeves and going on.

I wanted to come back to Puglia. My mission was to bring my know-how in my land.

My grandfather said that we are masters of our fate, but it’s not sufficient to think or rethink about it like a litany: it’s necessary to work on it.

The three main ingredients of Spa Chez Vous are sisterhood, passion and dream.

We’re two sisters, Irene and Mirella, the first is a dreamer, extrovert and visionary woman, the second is more rational, reflex ive and pragmatic. It’s knowing how to be sorrounded by right people that makes the difference. It’s knowing how to be away to bad ones that makes the difference too.

This personal philosophy of life allowed me to be here now to present my big project, which has come true at last.

Dedicated to our family and people who work with us.

Without you, we’re nothing.