Today our journey took us to the heart of the Itria Valley, exactly to Ceglie Messapica (Br).

It’s here that our friends Luisa and Francesco decided to move in order to realize their big dream called Fikus.

Nestled in the streets of great and majestic olive trees, in the land of the trulli, among landscapes of dry stone walls and the brown of the ground rich in tones, the bed and breakfast Fikus is the expression of the warm Apulian hospitality with a touch of international charm. The rooms names, Trullo – 19, Lamia -84 and Lamia – 79, are not random, each with a story and special, charming and unique decor.

The “creative recycling” gave life and luster to objects and furnishings marked by time, the typical white color of Apulia has inspired the refined decorations. Minimal, synthetic industrial furnishings mix gracefulness with materials such as iron, wood and stone.


Fikus is the ideal place to relax in the shade of an olive tree, admire a sunset while having a drink by the pool, enjoy the silence and the scents that pervade the Apulian countryside and even give yourself Spa Chez Vous wellness treatments under the starlight on a roof terrace. What more could you ask for?


Fikus and Spa Chez Vous await you!