It was exactly three years ago, before my wedding day, that my beauty specialist made me know the SalveInTerra® treatment. It was love at first sight … and at first touch.

And, as an old saying that “the first love you never forget”, the SalveInTerra® ritual remains my preferred choice of well-being among the many proposals signed Spa Chez Vous.

Awarded with the Health Spa Award as the best technical spa innovation by Kurland, SalveInTerra® is the wellness experience dedicated to the couple: closeness, feeling, touching and rediscovering your partner’s beautiful qualities are the focus with this spa treatment.

The body is completely covered by a special peeling cream mixed with an extract of water and aromatic oil to choice. A relaxing and pleasant massage pampers your body after the cream peeling has been left for a few minutes. A world of intense emotions envelops you. A unique pleasure and sensational, extraordinary wellness experience. The result? A fresh, nourished, regenerated and revitalized skin will leave  the memories of a wellness pleasure to live again.

Take my advice: try this luxurious treatment before your big day! You’ll not regret it!