Haslauer’s success story begins at the foot of the majestic and legendary mount Untersberg, near to Salzburg, in the 1960s. He began to market the moor mud, the so-called “black gold”, as a beneficial natural moor mud pack. It was a great success, so that it is counted among the best in Europe owing to its therapeutic quality: it stimulates circulation, relaxes the muscle tension and it has a great anti-inflammatory effect too.

From moor mud to the creation of the brand Kurland® the step was short.

People worked hard on the implementation of new technologies, consulted with scientists from the field of balneology and explored customers’ needs down to the last detail. All this brought the brand Kurland® to be synonymous with revolutionary systems and equipment in the world of wellness.

An extensive offering of natural products – from tried and tested moor mud and precious oils to cosmetic lines and care products which are perfectly aligned with the skin – also met with great enthusiasm among end user.

The result? High quality and natural products which can improve the mental and physical well-being, treats the body softly and alleviate everyday disorders. Products to be discovered by nature, our best beauty consultant.

Spa Chez Vous® is ready to surprise you with a long list of valuable treasures! We just need to get carried away by nature, “best guide to living well” (Cicero).