What strikes me most about foreign guests coming to Italy, particularly in the South, is their spontaneous return to the basest instincts.

The surprised eyes to see the simple and slow passing of time lead them to dimensions never experienced and forgotten because of the frenetic rhythms of daily life.

Most of our guests recognise this authentic life in Spa Chez Vous rituals too, as well as a slow mood and a welcoming but not too confidential approach to the client.

The best seller spa rituals are energetic and relaxing massages with sage, marjoram, lavender and citrus fruits essential oils.

Quality, uniqueness and authenticity are important features for our beauty therapists. Many people ask me what are the principles and values on which we relied. My answer is simply that I like welcoming guests with ingredients such as a strong dedication, happiness, love and feeling.

Olivia’s happy and relaxed eyes after a massage with Kurland coco oil and a few drops of mint essential oil will be the leitmotif of the last weekend in July. A massage given by the expert hands of the sweet Alessandra in a wonderful trullo of the Itria Valley.

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