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Lavender is an herb native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. The herb is highly regarded for skin and beauty and is commonly used in fragrances and shampoos to help wash

It’s all a matter of wellness

People feel more and more the need to restore their wellness, regain psychophysical balance and take some time for their body and spirit. These needs, clear signs of the present frenetic rhythm, have contributed to

The resorts of Puglia

The resorts of Puglia MARTINA FRANCA Martina Franca is in the heart of Puglia. The jewel of Martina Franca is its lovely historic centre, a memorable maze of winding alleys where whitewashed simplicity sits side

The luxurious world of Kurland fragrances

These days are full … but it’s necessary to find the time for a massage, it’s a wellness rule! Asking me what is my favorite body ritual is like asking Carrie Bradshaw what is her

Mon amie Marc Mességué

My adventure in the wellness world started accidentally on 27 October, 2009. Not everyone has the opportunity to experience with “the greats”, and when this happens is always a great opportunity. "Since four generations, we

A massage per day

A massage is a wellness experience of  "Authentic Happiness". The massage is not an experience limited to the body, but it also involves all the deepest parts of our being. A well performed massage exceeds the

Goat butter, a must have!

“Cleopatra appreciated the qualities of goat milk. Even Hippocrates knew the regenerative potential of this natural product". When I read this on the website haslauer.info, I decided to add this extraordinary product among the Spa Chez Vous proposals.

Wellness experience with Spa Chez Vous

A letter of paper, a handwritten thank you note by a guest with a simple dedication: "Attention to detail, originality ... we felt really pampered!! Thanks" This was the message we received from some guests

MAS & Spa Chez Vous

This new partnership started from the sharing of a post by La casa di Gioia on one of Spa Chez Vous social network. What partnership are we talking about? Our partnership with MAS, is a

Wellness at any age

For your kids, Spa Chez Vous offers the best for their well-being. They come into a big world of pampering by imitating mum and dad and discovering the pleasures of a gentle massage scented with

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