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How to yoga with a toddler

Yoga is a Hindu’s austere and spiritual discipline, which include controlled breathing, meditation, and the posture or post that is made for the body and is popularly practiced for relaxation and health. Posture or post

A new season

A quiet mind is the most effective weapon against what challenges you. So you have to relax. And it is not always easy, indeed too many times the relaxation time is lived with guilt and

The golden age

Enjoy a transformative golden glow facial experience using one of the most mineral-rich and easily absorbed substances – pure gold. Gold has been used for centuries as a beautifying agent and rejuvenating treatment. The gold extract

A dream called Puglia

Puglia offers the best of Italy all in one place, from pristine beaches in quaint seaside towns to fascinating archaeological sites in Ostuni, and a culinary tradition of cucina povera that has brought food aficionados


Luci soffuse, musiche rilassanti, essenze delicate e avvolgenti...sono questi alcuni degli ingredienti Spa Chez Vous che vi aiuteranno a perdervi, con la consapevolezza che ritrovarsi sarà anch'essa un'esperienza. Abbandonatevi al relax...e accorgetevi che non state

Green, rust and burgundy

The air is cold but not freeze. Breath deeply, clear the mind from thoughts and anxiety. All around is green, rust and burgundy. That air making the desire for heat, soft lights, slowness and a

The poetry of essential

A few elements scan the essence of essential... See you soon with new stories of wellness by Spa Chez Vous. I.

Whole wellness in August

In these last days of a magical July in Puglia, I try to assimilate all the possible silence. I try to capture the energy of the mistral, I enjoy walking in the countries of the

Quality, uniqueness and authenticity

What strikes me most about foreign guests coming to Italy, particularly in the South, is their spontaneous return to the basest instincts. The surprised eyes to see the simple and slow passing of time lead


Chamomile is one of the most well-known herbs. It is widely available in tea form, but it can also be made into capsules, tinctures, or used in cosmetic applications. Chamomile flowers are mildly sedative, making them

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