You’ll never guess how  this meeting started. It was a rainy morning, the sky stayed gray, traffic and smog were waiting us outside our house. Do you remember those days when you would turn around and go home under the covers? Then suddently the turning point, a photo posted on Instagram and it was immediately paradise. My partner and I said: Spa Chez Vous would be perfect here !!

shooting2With a smile on my face I visited the web site of the tourist accomodation and, without wasting time I made a phone call  asking for a meeting and even a collaboration.

The hotel manager, Luna Donvito, won over us with her infectious liveliness and dedication for her job. “How about shooting photos in order to show an idea of Apulian style wellness signed Spa Chez Vous in our masseria?”

The shooting location was Masseria Rocca Pampina, an old farmhouse located in the Parco delle Gravine, Taranto. Tuff built spaces and their star-shape vaults welcome a comfortable country hotel, the ancient hypogeaum is entirely dug into the stone. The masseria, surrounded by greenery, is dotted with centuries-old olive trees and Mediterranean pines. An expanse of cultivated fields, the canyons of the Gravina, on the horizon and the Ionian Sea at the bottom.

shooting1“Can you get used to the beauty?” It was the question we made during the shooting, which was served both inside and outside with an original arrangement of space and materials. The photographer  masterfully prepared light and color, the makeup artist dealed with the finishing touches, it began a rhythmic series of shots in a magical setting.

Enjoy your stay at Masseria Rocca Pampina in order to discover an authentic Puglia, away from the usual stereotypes! If you want to get a luxurious wellness experience too, you can choose a ritual signed Spa Chez Vous.