Tradition and modern spirit harmonize this villa located in Polignano a Mare, both in its architecture and its interior design.

Outside the connection of different volumes with unusual shapes symbolizing a fusion between the memory of the farming customs and the life of today.

Inside the typical essentiality of the rural houses is interpreted with a few and almost exclusively design and precious furnitures.

The memory is also present in other elements, such as local rough stones used for the surfaces and the interior of the trullo.

The contemporaneity is indeed characterised by a call of Apulian colours and materials in a completly original and new key.

The project is signed by the Italian architect Luca Zanaroli, who has mixed the combination among art, modernity and tradition for the hosts, Monica and Jacopo Giacomini.

As the architect Luca Zanaroli has explained to ElleDecor magazine, “the choice of the smallest details has been important to obtain the full integration and fusion between indoor and outdoor spaces.  Moreover, I wanted that the openings outwards had been a sort of movie screen or a bright picture on which you can project the changing of the external landscape”.

The tradition and contemporaneity of this villa in Polignano a Mare have been outstanding  in order  to look at our land Puglia from another perspective, different from classical stereotypes and cliché.

…to be continued


Photo: Architetto Luca Zanaroli


 Photo: Architetto Luca Zanaroli


Photo: Architetto Luca Zanaroli